Coronavirus: Issue executive order for free test for all Nigerians now, CUPP tells Buhari

In view of the growing spread of the coronavirus infection with a total of 27 identified cases in the Country as at today, the Nigerian opposition party under the umbrella of Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), on Sunday, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to issue an executive order for free coronavirus testing for Nigerians in all hospitals immediately, to avoid a looming national disaster.

This was contained in a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja by the National Spokesperson of the Coalition, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere.

The coalition called on President Buhari to give the nation the leadership it needed, in this time of national crisis, by working closely with Parliament and the 36 states governors to issue an executive order, backed by Parliament, within the next 48hrs for free and mandatory coronavirus testing for all citizens, especially those who recently got into the country, to help ensure early detection and identification of infected people who have not shown any symptoms of the virus.

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It added that the policy would also make it easier to track all possible contacts of the carriers of the dreaded virus now grinding the nation to a halt.

According to the Coalition: “Mr. President, the virus is on the move now, stop sleeping, do the job you are paid well to do. Let all hospitals be mandated to run free test and let all citizens be encouraged to go for test.

“An emergency law should be made by parlimamet backing free testing/funding like most nations have done and also a law making it an offence for citizens who refuse to run test. Part of the one trillion naira released by CBN should be used to fund this process

“Remember the primary responsibility of government under Section 14 is protection of lives and properties. Get your loyalists in the parliament who passed your borrowing plan for $22.7b foreing loan without debate or seeing the details to pass anti coronavirus virus legislation including free and mandatory testing immediately

“You have made the first mistake with your belated decision to impose travel ban until after infected carriers entered the county, do not make further mistakes

“Free/mandatory testing will help carriers of the virus to know on time without waiting till symptoms start manifesting, Nigerians will hold you responsible if your sluggish approach leads to health crisis.”


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