WACT launches LIFT to ease terminal processes

THE West Africa Container Terminal (WACT), operated by APM Terminals at the Port of Onne, has launched an online terminal services platform which enables customers to have better control over their cargo’s movement.

The digital platform will help optimise logistics operations by providing real-time visibility into the status of cargo within the container terminal. Customers can select needed terminal services and book and pay online from their own office, rather than by coming to the terminal.

These new services will help companies that handle the cargo movement throughout Nigeria operate more effectively and efficiently.

“We are pleased to offer these on-line services to help make our customers’ operations more efficient. This tool will further enable business in and around our port communities,” explained Aamir Mirza, Managing Director of WACT.

Upon signing up, customers will have access to three core features: visibility into the movement of their cargo, support in getting their container in or out of the terminal at timings of their convenience and online order and pay services. Additional services will be added to the platform based on customer demand.

Initial reaction to the platform has been positive. Ify Fancy, an import customer at WACT, who was one of the first customers introduced to LIFT, was excited knowing customs inspections can be booked through the platform without having to come to the terminal.

“It will save us cost to not have to go to the terminal to do business anymore.” said Jennifer Nnajiuba, Company Secretary of Ify Fancy.