US election: Nigerian female celebrities speak

Susan Peters: They didn’t want a woman to lead America
They didn’t want a woman to lead. Americans hated Hillary Clinton since her husband’s stuff with Monica Lewinsky. The FBI nailed her coffin at the last minute. It was all a conspiracy to derail and weaken her possibility of getting the presidency.

Oh well, life goes on; you did your best, but God knows best.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde: I predicted Trump’s win
I worked late last night and got woken up by a friend who remembered me predicting Trump would win. Hmm…looking back now, I’m thinking. As Nigerians, we need to wake up. The world is changing drastically, there’s no time for silly politicking, fight for your own country.

Fathia Balogun: I pray everything goes well
Chai! I am so sad too, but, it is well sha. l pray everything goes well.

Funke Adesiyan: Hillary didn’t win, but won many hearts
Today you didn’t win an election but you won many hearts. It’s not enough to win an election; it’s everything to win the people. You gave people like me the hope that a woman can be the most powerful person in the world. You aspired and fiercely contested for this belief. Even in the face of imminent defeat, you never lost your cool. Train your girl-child in the right way; she just might rule the world. In a world of Kardashians, be a Hillary.

Mo Abudu: It’s time to rethink
It is rather a sad day for me, with the results of the American elections. But it’s time to think, reflect and plan. It’s time to make things happen and fix our continent. There is nowhere to run to anymore; let us read the writing on the wall.

Afro candy: I have hope of being president one day
You can laugh at me all you want; when I say I have the hope of becoming the president in the future, believe it or not. The world has been fucked up by the social media and Reality TV and anything is possible! So I can continue my naked business and maybe someday…you never know.

Kemi Adetiba: Africans need to develop our continent
If the elections have shown us anything today, it is that we Africans need to fix our continent. Africans, both in and out, need to focus on the development of Africa.