She’s too stubborn and has no respect for anybody —Husband

By Oyeyemi Okunlade

A 43-year-old man, Fatai Bello, has asked a Grade ‘C’ Customary Court sitting at Inalende, Ibadan, Oyo State, to dissolve his 19-year-old marriage with his wife, Kemi Bello, because she is stubborn and shows no respect to anybody.

Fatai  said that the marriage is blessed with four children and are all in his custody.

“My wife had a child before I married her but I did not know. She doesn’t take to my advice.

“Her parents are late, but on several occasions, I had reported her misbehaviour to her sisters. All efforts to make her change for good were nil. She could be in the house without talking to me.

“During the last Ramadan celebration, she travelled without my knowledge. I later got to know that she went to the man to who whom she bore the child I mentioned earlier for those three months.”

The plaintiff also claimed that Kemi is in the act of abusing his parents. “She has no respect for my parents as well as concern for her children. My wife does not have time for her children,” he said.

The court asked Fatai whether  he met with any of  his wife’s sisters after the three court summons. He said they were only pleading with him.

The presiding judge, Mr Ramoni Olafenwa, said “after going through the evidence of the plaintiff on oath, this court sees that the defendant absented herself intentionally while there is no more love between both parties again.”

He ruled thus: “The marriage between both parties is hereby dissolved. The four children to be under the custody of the plaintiff, while he takes proper care of them. The defendant is to pack out of the house on or before seven days of the judgement, while a copy of the judgement be served on the defendant through the court bailiff.”