Recession, opportunity for repentance —Pastor James

The General Overseer of Glory Christian Ministries, Lagos State, Dr. I.S. James, has enjoined Christians and Nigerians not to be troubled by the present economic recession in the country, but should rather see it as a cause associated with repentance.

He also stated that the present situation was an avenue to draw people closer to God with the belief that it would soon be over.

Speaking during the occasion of this year’s annual Kingdom Partners Forum, Pastor James stated that, instead of lamenting, the recession period should be a time of revival and trusting God for direction on how to activate hidden opportunities.

Quoting from Ecclesiastes9: 1-12, he said: “God’s plan for us is to joyfully enjoy life and be free from any form of depression, oppression or recession, but due to our nonchalant attitudes, mismanagement nature and ingratitude towards His divine provisions for us, He allowed some occurrences to checkmate us.”

He described recession as a global situation, which God will use to redirect people to His divine economic promises, provisions and assurance.

He said: “The world’s economy has led us astray because things we ought to deal with in our lives, we had over time built affinity with, and therefore failed to do the right thing at the right time, which had led to a situation in which instead of enjoying life as God meant it to be, we are enduring it.”

He admonished Nigerians not to complain, regret, be depressed or intimidated by Satan’s language and false impression on momentarily failure that happens to people in life, but to remain steadfast and look up with absolute trust to God in all situations for greater opportunity, provisions and chances that abound to make life meaningful and enjoyable in Jesus Christ.

Pastor James added that, the present situation call for available grace of God to think and plan for the future generation not live in self deceit, hardened heart and pleasure of sin that will stop them from living fullness of their lives as ought to be, but to do the right things in reference, appreciation and acknowledgement of God as the source of every provision in all their lives, ways and dealings.

Calling on the federal government, Pastor James advised that, the call for restructuring the country and selling of government assets should be handled with caution and carefully consideration, so as not to jeopardize the purpose, add more to our present situation or endanger the future development. He suggested that, going for a loan might not be the best option; rather, government should invest hugely to rediscover and develop available natural resources God has abundantly blessed this nation.

Supporting the on-going war against economic corruption in the country, Pastor James said, “It is a welcome development to sanitize the system, build a better society and expose allegedly treasury looters who defrauded the country to enrich themselves. However, he said in doing this, the war and prosecution should be fought holistically without bias.

“Truth is, we had never had it so bad in this country, but in the midst of it, God is exposing cankerworms that had been eating our commonwealth and preparing us ahead of future challenges. Under any circumstances, Nigeria will be great.

We should continue praying and stop speaking negative about the country”, he said.