Primary education: Appeal to Oyo govt

FIRST, I want to commend the Oyo State government for its efforts towards repositioning education in the state.

However, I want the government to give special attention to primary education, as that is the foundation of our children.

The future of any child that will be useful to the nation starts from the primary school level, but it is being insinuated that any parent who wants his child to be useful to him in the future should not take the child to public schools. Is this supposed to be so?

The great people that we have in the country today had their foundation in public schools, so it is unfortunate that people now believe that their children cannot get qualitative education in this same public schools.

It is because of this that I want to charge the Oyo State government to give special attention to public primary schools, especially by renovating the dilapidated structures, as well as encouraging qualitative teaching.


  • Jimoh Mumin,