Politicians, make life better for Nigerians

GOING by what is happening in the political arena today, it is certain that the battle for 2019 has already begun. With more than two years to go, politicians have started forming alliances to advance their cause for the general election. All these are happening at a time when workers are not being paid, and there is poverty in the land.

Are our political leaders not bothered by the fact that the people are having it so tough at this period in time? Do we now blame a woman who queues to collect a cup of rice from a politician, knowing full well that, that rice will feed her family for that night?

I think it is insensitivity of the highest order when politicians play politics with the lives of the people, especially in this period that things are not so rosy for the citizens.

I read the statement of a great son of Africa, Zimbabwean Strive Masiyiwa, who said as a business leader, he ensured that members of his staff are well taken care of. He said that he does not owe workers salaries, and he paid them promptly before the end of every month.

Masiyiwa said that whenever he couldn’t meet up with his financial obligation to his staff, he had no moral reason to continue using his expensive vehicle.

This also goes to our political leaders; governors are owing workers several months of salaries, and they still continue with their expensive lifestyles. What we should be asking them is whether they are not collecting their own salaries as chief executives. Starting the 2019 politicking now is like taking Nigerians for granted, and this is not good enough.

I, therefore, want to appeal to our political leaders, particularly those holding positions in the executive and legislature, to focus on how to make life better for Nigerians. Things are so tough at the moment, and the average Nigerian is finding it difficult to survive.


  • Yakub Aishat,

ABU, Zaria,

Kaduna State.