Her parents aborted our 23-day-old marriage —Husband

He never cared that I felt pains and had bruises the only time we made love —Wife

A Customary Court 1 sitting in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, had dissolved a 23-day-old marriage between a physically-challenged man, Olalekan Babalola, and his wife, Abigael, on account of  lack of affection.  Olalekan, had approached the court seeking  the dissolution of his less than one month old marriage with  the respondent on the ground that there was no more love between them.

The petitioner also prayed the court to order the respondent to return  to him the marriage dowry and other marriage items paid on her to him.

The respondent however did not admit the claim.

The court then adjourned the case till  February 14 for report on the advice.

On the adjourned date, the petitioner, who is dumb, but was represented by his father, who is also a witness in the matter, Mr Babalola Esan, told the court that the matter could not be resolved


The spokesman told the court that the petitioner was his last child and due to his challenge, he married the respondent for him in 2016.

He said  his family sponsored the traditional wedding, but that the responent spent only 23 days with him  before her mother, Funmilayo Adebayo came to take her away.

He told the court that the mother came to the petitioner’s house exactly 23 days after the marriage was contracted, claiming that the respondent was sick and took her away.

“When she left with her daughter, I went to report the matter at  Oke-Ila Police Station, Ado-Ekiti, but they advised that I take the matter to Customary Court”,  he stated.

Aside the dowry, which he said was N10, 000, the spokesman also claimed N110, 000 as marriage expenses.

The respondent, Abigael, who told the court that she never worked, said that her husband’s family refused to treat her when she was sick.

“I told my mother-in-law about my sickness, but refused to act on it.

“Since I got married to her son, we made love only once, which caused bruises all over my private part, but unfortunately she did not say anything.

“When the bruises were becoming unbearable for me, I went to tell my mother, who came to take me from my husband’s house for treatment.

“We were still on the treatment when I received their letter of summon and I have no objection to it. The family did not hide their hatred for me. Please, separate us, “she said.

Delivering his judgment, the court president, Mr Joseph Ogunsemi, said that both the petitioner and respondent had declared that they were no longer interested in their marriage.

“It is the view of this court that there is palpable fear of insecurity on the part of the 17-year-old respondent; the marriage has a weak and fragile foundation that is bound to collapse.

“It has speedily collapsed and the court cannot salvage it. The court thereby dissolved the marriage; the petitioner and the respondent are to go their different ways, “the court president, Ogunsemi ruled.