Osivaya appointed director for Jabita Hotels

Chairman and owner of the prestigious Jabita Hotel, Hon Rasheed Adewale Shitta-Bey has appointed Mrs Abisoye Osivaya, as a new member of board of directors of Jabita Intercontinental Hotel.

The appointment of Osivaya, nee Shitta-Bey, as a director, according to the hotel management, takes immediate effect. Osivaya her appointment to the board of directors of Jabita Intercontinental Hotel, had been a seasoned health and social worker in the United Kingdom.

In a release from the hotel management, Osivaya was appointed as a replacement for Ajibola Shitta-Bey, who was appointed as a director into the board of directors alongside two other siblings in 2009.

The management said the appointment of Osivaya came as a need to inject fresh hand into the management of the hotel, so as to inject new ideas for the day to day running of the hotel.

As an international social worker, the hotel management said Osivaya’s appointment would go a long way in service improvement and injecting of fresh ideas for better cutomer service, thereby fulfilling Jabita Intercontinental Hotel’s dream of being the best intercontinental hotel in Nigeria.