Ondo 2016: Group clamours for Owo/ Ose governorship candidate

Ahead of next Saturday’s primary of the All Progressives Congress (APC)  in Ondo State, a group known as ` Owo/ Ose Egalitarian Group (OEG) has called on the leadership of the party to consider zoning the party ticket to Owo/ Ose axis of the Northern senatorial district of the state.

The group who stated this while speaking through its coordinator, Akin-Olotu Famadenuyi, noted that the people of the area have been sidelined in terms of political appointments and elective posts since the commencement of this political dispensation in 1999.

According to the group, the Akoko axis of the senatorial district has benefitted more than the Owo/ Ose axis saying the area had produced a governor, Senators and ministers and should concede the governorship ticket to aspirants from Owo/ Ose axis of the district.

“The Akoko people cannot be aggrieved with Owo/Ose candidature because they have gotten more than a fair share of political offices up to date. Akoko area has been the beneficiary of political offices, either elective or appointive since the beginning of the present democratic dispensation.

“They have produced a Governor, two deputy Governors, Speakers of the House of Assembly, Chief of Staff to the President, high ranking ministers, Federal board appointments.

“They also  have the sitting (incumbent) Senator, in person of Professor Robert Ajayi Boroffice. That is the highest political office in the Northern Senatorial district now. The silent consensus has been that when the Governor is in Akoko, the Senator comes from Owo/Ose axis and vice versa. Akoko has an array of aspirants in the race presently.”

The group however called on the leadership of the APC to concede the slot for the people of the area for equity of treatment saying “ we urge the party to beam its searchlight on Owo/Ose axis for the position of the next Governor of Ondo State as they would find more than enough people already screened for the exalted office. “

The group noted that though the situation at hand in the state called for integrity and dynamic leadership with transparent honesty, character,  self-discipline, devotedness, unflinching loyalty towards developing the state and said the area is blessed with politicians of repute  who can turn things around in the state.

“We are very concerned  about the quality and capability of whoever should aspire to lead Ondo State now in the face of the dwindling oil revenue, our zero industrial base and poorly developed agricultural sector. We opine strongly that the office of the governor can and must not be adventured light-heartedly any longer.”