Why are Nigerian youths divided?

FOR some time now, I have been noticing a trend on social media about how divided Nigerians are along ethnic and religious lines. To be sure of what I am saying, Nigerians should visit news websites and click on important national news; then after reading, they should take time to read the comments of contributors, and they will notice how divided Nigerians are.

When a story reports the negative activities of group of people who belong to a particular tribe, commentators who belong to another tribe will not even address what the report is talking about, but they will descend on the whole tribe, describing  them in unprintable names. The same also happens when somebody of a certain religious inclination commits an offence.

It is, therefore, necessary that our youths unite if we are to truly develop. Attacking one another based on religion or tribe will not help us.


  • Jimoh Mumin,