Letter to Nigerian youths

THE country’s economy is in such a mess today, and this justifies another reason for Nigerians, particularly the youth, to leave in search of greener pastures abroad.

Today, we have heard stories about migrants travelling through Sahara desert to reach North Africa before boarding boats that take them to Southern Europe. As simple as that sounds, several people have lost their lives in a bid to get to Europe at all cost.

I, therefore, begin to wonder if the risks of this journey justify it at all.

Nigerians should know that as Nigeria is experiencing its share of economic problems, so also are other countries. Many Western countries, including the United Kingdom, which is one of the top destinations of Nigerians, have tightened their immigration laws, which now make it difficult for illegal migrants to survive.

Even, traditionally welcoming countries like Norway and Sweden have been enacting laws to keep foreigners away. So our youths should know that travelling to Europe will not end their misery, but they should stay back and fight for survival here with peace of mind.

The government, however, has a lot to do in this regard; the government can create millions of job opportunities through the agricultural value chain. We are discussing how to revive our oil palm sector, cocoa plantations, cashew plantations, among others, and the government can help in training unemployed youths, and thereafter provide them with start-up grants.


  • Foyeke Adebisi,

Surulere, Lagos.