Lawmaker’s town hall meeting of trouble

During the week, all 40 lawmakers in the Lagos State House of Assembly held town hall meetings in their respective constituencies where issues relating to their constituents were discussed. The forums were also expected to help each lawmaker get the necessary feedbacks from members of their constituencies.

However, a lawmaker from one of the two Ojo constituencies got more than he bargained for as he had to be spirited away by security agents after thugs invaded his programme demanding for money.

It is not a new thing for thugs to invade events organised by politicians but it is something unusual when a politician exhausts all the money on him to ‘settle’ different categories of people and yet more thugs keep pouring into the venue of the programme demanding for their own cut of ‘the dough.’

Eko Akete gathered that aggrieved by the Ojo lawmaker’s perceived stinginess, the thugs decided to use the occasion to show him the other side of Ojo.

The lawmaker, who is considered as one of the most vocal in the assembly, was said to have been prevented from stepping out of the event grounds by the thugs who dared the heavily armed security agents around to do their worst. But as things got uglier, providence appeared to smile on the lawmaker as he was eventually spirited out by a group of police officers who drove dangerously out of the venue. Local chiefs who had booked appointments with the lawmaker, who had promised them money, were left disappointed as the lawmaker, understandably, could not afford to attend to them.

Eko Akete was reliably told by a source close to the lawmaker that he had come to the event ground with at least N1 million which quickly vanished like vapour as soon as he began to ‘settle’ the different categories of people.