Kudos to Buhari, but…

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari is doing a good job in his bid towards repositioning the country, particularly in the area of economy.

Unfortunately, the majority of the governors are saboteurs, and are therefore, giving the president’s government a bad image among Nigerians.

In many states, workers and pensioners are being owed several months of salaries and pensions, and despite the fact that the bailout was released to these states, the governors have refused to pay the backlog of arrears of civil servants and pensioners.

Consequently, I am using this opportunity to call on Nigerians to beg the state governors who are owing their workers and pensioners to take pity on them and pay. President Buhari should also mandate all governors whose states have been given the bailout to disburse them to settle the civil servants and pensioners without delay.

  • Alhaji Kolawole