Kudos to FG on Oyo- Ogbomoso-Ilorin Road

I want to thank the Federal Government for flagging-off the construction of the Oyo-Ogbomos-Ilorin Expressway .

The immediate past administration had completed the Ibadan-Oyo Expressway, and this went a long way in reducing road accidents in the country.

The Oyo-Ogbomoso Road is one of the most dangerous in the country, and that was why many people were calling on the government to do something by starting the second phase of the project which the previous administration began.

I am happy that this government did not say it was not it that began the project, but it is actually completing all the projects of the past administration. This is how governance should be.

I, therefore, hope that the road will be completed in record time.


  • Olu Ajibola,