Kenya officials docked over alleged theft

Two Kenyan Olympic officials have been granted bail after appearing in court over alleged mismanagement of the national team at the  just- ended Rio Olympics.

Francis Paul, the secretary-general of the National Olympics Committee of Kenya (Nock), Pius Ochieng, Nock’s vice chairman, and a third man, Stephen Soi, are being investigated for theft, abuse of office and neglect of duty.

The officials are blamed for a series of problems facing Kenya’s athletes.

They have made no comment.

Bail for Mr Paul and Mr Ochieng was set at $2,000 (£1,530). Mr Soi had already been released from police custody for medical reasons and his bail will be set on Wednesday ( tomorrow) .

The charges against them have not been finalised and the police have a further 21 days to investigate before the men next appear in court.

BBC in Nairobi, reports that athletes have complained about kit going missing, as well as poor travel and accommodation arrangements for the  just- ended Olympics.

There have also been complaints that officials took friends to Rio de Janeiro at the expense of coaches being able to travel.

Team captain, Wesley Korir, who is also an independent MP, has been outspoken about the problems.

He said that the athletes had been put through “hell” while staying in poor accommodation after the Olympic village was closed.

BBC  further reports that the situation has become known as “the Rio fiasco”.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called for an investigation into what went wrong.

Kenya came 15th on the Olympics medal table, winning 13 medals overall, including six golds.