Insecurity: President Buhari, come to our aid in Lagos, Ogun

THE Nigerian Navy and the Police should collaborate to tackle the activities of militants in the riverine communities of Lagos and Ogun states.

Most of these militants were involved in oil bunkering before the coming on board of this government, but since President Muhammadu Buhari assumed the leadership of the country, their illegal sources of making money were blocked. Since then, they have turned on the communities bordering the waterways, robbing, kidnapping, raping.

These criminals are so bold that they even carry out their activities in broad daylight, and all efforts to tackle them by law enforcement agents have failed.

It is so funny that they now write to communities, telling residents that they would be coming, and they should prepare for them.

Most riverine communities in Lagos and Ogun states are now deserted as a result of the activities of these criminals.

I am, therefore, appealing to President Buhari to come to our aid. The situation at hand needs the urgent attention of the Federal Government as the Lagos and Ogun state governors cannot do more than they are doing now.


  • Felix Ezena,

Ikorodu, Lagos.