I want to run for my dear life; I don’t want to die now —Wife

God’ll judge us and keep our children —Husband

After several adjournments for a possible settlement between Odunola Kuforiji and her husband, Sulaimon have failed, aCGrade ‘C’ Customary, Inalende, Mokola, Oyo State, has dissolved their marriage.

When asked by the court for the last time what their resolutions were after the adjournments, the plaintiff, Odunola, said, “although, some elders got involved in settling the dispute between us, I’m not interested in him anymore. I want to run for my dear life; I don’t want to die now.

“He married me as a virgin about 16 years ago without payment of any dowry but we’ve separated for more than seven years.  We have three children in our marriage and at the moment, all of them are with their father.”

The defendant responded to his wife’s charges with a head shake and asked his wife: “Do you remember where we both started?” But the wife did not give an answer.

Sulaimon, however, told the court that he is not interested in the dissolution of their marriage because he has no sin to count against his wife. “I just know that God will judge both of us and keep our children,” he exclaimed.

Again, the court asked the husband what the outcome of the meeting the said elder was. “Our families tried but it’s not working out,” he said. At this point, the wife spoke, “the reason we cannot remain husband and wife is best known to me. It’s not that I cannot talk about the whole thing, but I just desire each person go his or her way. May God keep us and give us grace to carry out our responsibilities as parents whenever the need arises,” Odunola told the court.

Having listened to both parties on oath in which none of them could give any tangible reason necessitating divorce, the acting president of the court, Mr Dauda Babatunde, said: “where there is no love, there can’t be progress. This court sees that their house has broken down irreparably while their reason of divorce is best known to them. The marriage between the plaintiff and the defendant is hereby dissolved forthwith. Defendant should take care of the children.”