Femi Solar in high spirits ahead of album release

Gospel singer, Femi Solar, is excited about his continued rise in the music industry, especially among gospel musicians in the country.

Solar, who released his latest album, Mercy Beyond in May, has been busy in the studio with new songs that would be released anytime from now.

Shortly after the release of his album, which was produced by his record label, FS7, Solar embarked on a tour of Europe where he performed at shows and returned to the country to promote the album and complete work on other projects that have kept him busy for months.

According to him, the last few months have been quite challenging because he had to ensure the album gets to the people through proper distribution.

Solar, who has also floated his record label company, FS7, revealed that there was more to him than music.

“I have been in a very high spirit because I have been up to quite a number of projects that have kept me busy for months. Even when I came back from Europe after releasing the album, I have not rested because everything has to be properly structured. We have a lot up our sleeves at the moment.

“I have released Grace video and people love the concept. I have a new record label, FS7. I have some new artistes that I will be bringing on board. So, it has been a challenging but interesting experience. Right now, new songs are coming and videos too. I urge my fans to be on the look out for the best of Solar in the next few months.”