He and his family did not accept me as her wife —Wife

We never agreed to be husband and wife —Husband

A woman, Oluwaseun Akinrinade, has asked the Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo Hall, Ibadan, Oyo State, to dissolve her five-year-old marriage to her husband, Saheed, who she claims is irresponsible and a cheat.

The plaintiff said: “Our marriage is blessed with a two-year-old child, but my husband is not responsible at all. He had a wife before I married him but she did not accept me as a junior wife. My husband’s parents too are also playing a role in not allowing my husband to accept me as his second wife. That is all, Oluwaseun said.”

According to the defendant who did not agree with the claim, he affirmed that both of them did not have an agreement to marry each other but she told him that she was pregnant.

“The pregnancy was not up to nine months when she was delivered of it. On the eight day, we did the naming ceremony. After the christening, her mother told me that she wanted her to go back to her first husband. I was short of words. Then I flashed back to some of her strange behaviours which I have not been able to cope with. She is a wayward woman. I don’t understand her anymore,” Saheed lamented.

After considering evidence of the two, the court said it noticed that there is no more love between them and court cannot force them to live together. The presiding judge, Chief Agbaje Henry Olasunkanmi, gave an order for them to cease to be husband and wife. He instructed that the only child produced by the marriage should stay with his mother and that N4, 000 is be provided for feeding allowance of the child from November, 2016. Olasunkanmi also warned that there should be neither threats nor molestation between both parties whenever they meet on the road. The defendant, Saheed is also expected to take care of his child health and education wise.