Eye care service in Nigeria still high —Expert

AN ophthalmologist, Dr Toyin Fafowora, has rated Nigeria’s eye care services high despite developments in eye care that is moving at breakneck speed.

Fafowora stated this at a public lecture organised by the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Ibadan to mark the 80th birthday anniversary of Professor Olabopo Osuntokun.

The eye care expert stated that although eye care was still faced with many restrictions in the nation, eye care standard surgical armamentarium had gradually increased to include many sophisticated equipment.

The expert, noting that human capital and financial capital were central to the development in Nigeria’s eye care services, stated that Nigerian doctors are still acclaimed worldwide as exhibiting superior intelligence and diligence.

Fafowora remarked that the rate of acquiring new sophisticated equipment for eye care in Nigeria was also an advantage.

According to her, “We can boast of only few of these advancements in Ibadan currently. So, you would say, we have a long way to go in the University of Ibadan Department of Ophthalmology? I beg to differ radically.

“Today, UCH eye theatres are equipped with state-of-the-art operating microscopes, the equipment so standard that there is no thought for making specific restrictions as to who handles them.

“There is no development in the Western world that will not come to us in due season. In fact, by not rushing out to purchase the latest inventions, drugs and devices, we select the cream of the crop.

“We acquire only the things that have been tried and tested to the extent that there is valid evidence for our pre-purchase market research.

“As Nigeria advances technologically; I have no doubt that we will in time make our own contributions to eye health technology in terms of inventions and patents.”