Customs should stop destroying seized foods

THE rice and frozen foods being seized by officers of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) from smugglers should no longer be burnt or buried, but be distributed free of charge among poor Nigerians.

I particularly want to suggest that such seized products are given to the internally displaced persons who are currently suffering from malnutrition as a result of lack of food in the northern part of the country.

It is no longer news that there are millions of Nigerians who have fallen below the poverty line as a result of the economic crisis facing the country, and identifying these people and giving them the products seized from smugglers will make more sense than burning or burying them.

Apart from internally displaced persons, Customs officers can also donate the seized products to motherless babies’ homes and orphanages. This is not the time for Nigeria to be wasting food.

  • Eli Angulu,