Celebrating Ekiti at 20

ON October 1, 2016, Ekiti State clocked 20 years, having been carved out of the    old Ondo State on October 1, 1996 under the regime of the late General Sani Abacha.

The case of Ekiti is akin to a child whose parents expected  him/her to become a prosperous individual in future in order cater to their needs.

Though the parents may not expect the child to have all the good things of life at 20, there should be clear manisfestations, at least, that the child may either go wrongly or rightly in life.

Albert Einstein said: “A life not examined is not worth living.”

Governor Ayodele Fayose, aligning with this philosophical assertion, has been doing all within his powers and the available resources to liberate Ekiti from pervasive underdevelopment.

This, the governor started to manifest during his first term when he scored firsts in virtually all spheres, in his bid to make Ekiti great, mindful of the fact that he has a date with history.

He is the first Ekiti son to rule the state for a second term as a governor. Again, Governor Fayose was in the saddle when Ekiti clocked 10 years, and for him, history is repeating itself now that Ekiti has clocked 20. This has a significant meaning from the spiritual perspective. However, as we celebrate Ekiti at 20, it is now time for Ekiti indigenes to jettison whatever political differences they may seem to polarise, and join hands with the leader God has chosen to lift the state up for the benefit of all.

A house that is divided against itself will not stand. We will all bear the brunt should we fail to make Ekiti first in all our dealings, and this I pray to God will not be our portion. I wish us all happy celebrations.


  • Dalimore Aluko,

Ekiti State.