Ban on hawking: Appeal to Lagos govt

IN as much as I understand why the Lagos State government took the decision to ban hawkers from Lagos highways and streets, it is also important that the government realises that things are tough economically for many people, and that is why some are out on the highways looking for what to survive on. Apart from those hawkers who are in primary and secondary schools who hawk after school hours to support their parents, there are many graduates among them who are also into hawking because they can not find anything doing after leaving school.

If the Lagos State government is to ban hawking, then it should provide alternatives for these people who have no other means of livelihood.

Every society has its peculiarity; while hawking may not be accepted in other developed countries, wanting to turn Lagos into a mega city overnight, and making life difficult for the less-privileged is not fair enough. I hope the government, under the leadership of Governor Akinwumi Ambode, will rescind this anti-poor policy immediately.

  • Jimoh Mumin,