My baby has no teeth

My baby is now 10 months old yet he has no teeth. I understand that a baby usually starts having teeth from six months. Please help me.

Amaka (by SMS)


While it is true that a baby’s first tooth usually appears at about the sixth month of life, it is not unusual for some babies to have delayed teething. Usually, teething is not considered delayed until the baby is about 13 months old. In most cases, delayed teething is nothing to worry about. While late teething can be caused by a number of factors, often there is no identifiable cause, and the child may take up to 18 months to grow his first tooth. Late teething is known to be hereditary. Often, it runs in the family, and can be inherited from either side of the family. Therefore, if either parent started teething late as a baby, then it is expected their child could experience delayed teething