ATS lauds Akinboboye on East /West Tourism Amalgam Initiative

The East / West Tourism Amalgam initiative recently inaugurated by Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye an infusion of the tourism niche of West Africa with the pristine tourism heritage of East Africa has sbeend described as the best product of the brain in that sector recently.

An African tourism development monitoring group, African Tourism Soul, ATS, made the commendation in a release made available to Tourism Press in which it pointed out that “The tourism industry needs a super integrative initiative and scheme which will exploit and explore  the SWOT analyses in maximising the gains of tourism for inter regional development”

The release signed by Mr Martins Remesh disclosed that: ‘We have been profiling the person and activities of Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye for the past 10 years. He has distinguished himself as a rare African asset. A tourism prodigy who has a large and robust intercontinental view of African tourism. He has also proved himself to be an exceptional African with latent and potent ideas that can transform African tourism from a weakling economic sector to the most vibrant sector for African development ‘

The release pointed out that “His recent East – West Tourism Amalgam initiative is an innovative concept that will stoke not only the economic integration of the two regions but help to underscore and strengthen the chord of unity and cooperation among the citizens.”

ATS praised the government of Tanzania for being the first country in that region to seize the golden opportunity which the initiative has in its pouch.