Aramide’s new album ready

Singer, Aramide is finally ready to release her album. The album,  Aramide revealed, is one she has been working on for a long time.

Following Aramide’s tweet earlier in October which read “I have got the keys, I am finally ready to take you guys on a journey”, there have been suggestions that the album would be titled ‘the Keys’.

However, there are things that can be done with the keys and with this one; she is opening the ‘Suitcase’. So, no more guesses, Aramide’s album title is ‘The Suitcase’.

Aramide has proven to be an artiste to reckon with in the Afro Soul music genre with her voice which has given well delivered  tunes and has earned her a couple of awards.

‘The Suitcase’ being her first album, has great expectations.

According to the singer, “I hope that people will respond to it positively. From the beginning, I was particular about what people can relate to and personify basically. I think with this album, I was able to achieve a lot of that.”

There is also a circulating video on the album release where Aramide mixes her voice with the honing of the guitar to tell her story about the suitcase album. It affords fans an experience of her sharing what is on the album.

The singer also hinted that being her first album; this will be a journey out of many that will involve even more suitcases.

“Like they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. So for me, this is the biggest step I have made in my career so far and it’s going to get greater and greater and there will be more suitcases along the line,” she said.