Appeal to Kogi governor

I want to appeal to the Kogi State governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, that several months of unpaid salaries in the state have turned tragic, as workers across the state are increasingly living in pathetic and inhuman conditions, which is ultimately leading some to their early graves.

Kogi people are not unaware of the present socio-economic challenges in the country, but in an elementary estimation, this should not be an acceptable reason for not paying workers and pensioners several months salaries and pensions. While it is true that it is not only Kogi State that is owing, we can make a difference in the country by paying salaries regularly, and what is just needed is for the government to harness the various natural resources in our environment.

I believe the non-payment of salaries and pensions constitute a crime against humanity, and the multiplier effect of unpaid wages is real. The worker suffers, the immediate family and dependents suffer, society is worse-off for harbouring stress-filled human beings who are not proud to call themselves citizens and the lifespan is gradually shortened.

In the face of all of these, I want to appeal to the governor to address the hopelessness and the harrowing ordeal of workers who are not enjoying the payment of their salaries as at when due.


  • Balogun Emmanuel Funsho,


Kogi State.