Aisha Buhari: The masses’ advocate

FIRST Lady, Mrs Aisha Buhari’s interview should not generate the controversy it is generating at the moment because she simply told the truth. I want to particularly focus on when she said that she would not follow her husband to campaign for the 2019 election if things remained as they are now. This statement was not to denigrate her husband or the government; she jokingly made the remarks due to the economic situation the country finds itself.

Mrs Buhari, through that interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), meant that things are not rosy at the moment, but that her husband must ensure that Nigerians heave a sigh of relief before the campaigning for the 2019 election starts.

I was, therefore, surprised that the First lady’s interview has been blown out of proportion, with many opposition political watchers claiming she might not be having the best of time with her husband.

When President Muhammadu Buhari also responded that his wife “belongs to his kitchen,” many people read different meanings to it. Through that interview, one can know the kind of heart inside the President’s wife. Not many First ladies would admit the truth about the situation of the country, but Mrs Buhari spoke the truth.

Before this interview, I am sure she would have discussed with her husband on several occasions that Nigerians are not having it easy as a result of the economic recession, and that the President should do everything in his power to turn things around for the people.

I want to commend Hajia Aisha Buhari for speaking the truth; I know she has aides who would have wanted to censor the interview, but being the good person she is, she didn’t allow that. She made her opinions public.

As a result of this, I can say that the masses truly have an advocate in government, in person of Hajia Aisha Buhari, and may God continue to bless her.


  • Timothy Pawa,



Plateau State.