African cultural tourism promotion our goal —AHBEA

The desire to promote African cultural tourism heritage on a global entertainment circuit has led to the inauguration of Afro – Heritage Broadcasting & Entertainment Award (AHBEA).

Prince Yisa Shola Olaniyan, President of AHBEA, made this known at a press conference held in  Lagos recently where he declared that “it is high time we place  our afro cultural tourism heritage on the front burner of international entertainment buyers, sellers and promoters for value ranking, intercontinental appreciation and economic networking “

He further said that   “We have watched how our cultural tourism heritage has been treated with half measured gesture on the international circuit without acknowledging the roles and impacts which some individuals , state governments ,  corporations have been playing at pushing it through as an economic sector ‘

According to him; “Thus, we inaugurated Afro-Heritage Broadcasting & Entertainment Award named after our parent company, Afro-Heritage Entertainment Company, a duly registered entertainment company in the state of Texas, USA, to appreciate outstanding performance and contribution in broadcasting, tourism, culture and entertainment industry.”

He explained that ‘we want to bring African entertainers close to Africans in the Diaspora to create a platform for mutual interaction. We also bring these promoters of African cultural tourism and values closer to their fans with the intention to create direct positive impact on young Africans being raised abroad and finally, to create avenue for screening of African movies that are not available to foreign audience especially during award ceremonies and other major events.”

Prince Olaniyan revealed that: “our overall intended goal is to continue to promote African entertainers, culture, tourism, language, and to continue to build solid foundation for our culture in foreign lands because of the young and upcoming generation residing overseas”.