10 questions with Tjan: ‘I do music to keep love alive’

You just returned from a trip to SA. What was it all about?

My trip to South Africa was for my African media tour, which started from Benin Republic and we would be touring more countries as time goes on.


How was the experience?

The trip to South Africa was an awesome experience. We were able to connect and interact with people and visited as many media outfits as possible. I cannot possibly describe the amazing reception that we got because it was out of this world.


Critics say South Africans are better vocalists than Nigerians. As one of the best voices from here, what is your opinion?

Personally, I think music wise, we outplay them on that context with a very large margin because music from Nigeria is gaining its own place in the international market.


It is also said that Nigerian artistes rely more on beats than lyrics? As an R n B artiste, what influences your songs?

Everything can be an inspiration. For me, it’s about my everyday living, my desire to express how much love conquers all and God.


Any particular challenges during your musical journey?

I have passed through different challenges but I overcame with God. With him, all is possible and the bad times only make you stronger for the greatness ahead.


Why the choice of R n B?

I do R N B because it works for me, but I’m not only good with R n B as you can tell from my current single featuring Ycee which is a pop song.


You have a couple of songs making waves. Should fans expect an album?

Absolutely, all this work is definitely leading to an album.


‘Aduke’ got a lot of attention. Would you say the song is indeed special and why?

I want to believe it is a special song and I think such good music has been missing from the Nigerian music scene. It brought some breath of fresh air.


What inspires your lyrics?

My environment, my life in general and my drive to keep love alive.



Cobhams Asuquo, Usher , Chris Brown , Styl plus, Paul I.K Dairo, Don Moen, Ron Kenoly.


The Nigerian music space is quite competitive. R n B artistes are not always as appreciated save a few. How do you hope to stand out and become one of the most sought after vocalists in Nigeria.

Every artiste is unique in their own way and what makes each artiste different from every other artiste is they themselves and their different experiences in life. A ye po gan (Meaning ‘There is enough space’)