Help us conduct credible elections, Chad begs INEC

The  Vice-Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission of Chad, Adam Mamahdu on Friday pleaded for the assistance of the Independent National Electoral Commission to conduct transparent electoral process.

Mamahdu made the plea at the INEC headquarter in Abuja at a meeting with his Nigerian counterpart,  Mahmood Yakubu.

The Chadian expressed regret that his country has not been able to conduct parliamentary elections in the last four years which informed grant of the automatic fresh term for serving lawmakers. He declared that the United Nations has not been helpful in providing logistic support for the conduct of elections in Chad and expressed the hope that Nigeria’s assistance would come handy.

He also identified the activities of the insurgents,  Boko Haram as a serious encumbrance to the democratic process in Chad.

He said: ” Nigerian officials have been making efforts to put us in the world map of an election. INEC Nigeria supported us in the 2016 presidential election. I hereby state that Nigeria was the first country to support our election in Chad.

“We want to hold the parliamentary election because the actual tenure of the National Assembly members finished on 21 June, 2019. They’ve finished two tenure of four years each.

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“Today, our armed forces are doing a good job in the Lake Chad Basin. Apart from the issue of the Boko Haram, Chad supported Mali to combat terrorists in their country.”

To combat the insecurity challenge, Adam said his country had to close down her borders with Mali, Central African Republic and others.

“That’s why we are facing challenges in the election conduct. For that reason, we consider Nigeria as a brother country to help us in organising the election in Chad. I want to make it clear that none of the countries has come to help Chad to conduct its election. We have received some promises from the European Union but none has come.”

“We have taken the matter to bilateral relation that is why we want Nigeria’s support. And we are sure Nigeria will help the electoral body of the Republic of Chad. I believe that the INEC of Nigeria will help that of Chad. We appreciate your availability and the support you will render to Chad.”

His counterpart in Nigeria, Professor  Yakubu said his  Commission has taken note of the request especially the long-overdue parliamentary election which was supposed to have been conducted in 2015 but was postponed. He thanked Mamahdu for acknowledging that the electoral process in Nigeria has been credible.

“You raised a number of issues and I want to respond. On security issues resulting to the displacement of the people including voters, we will share with you a framework for Internally Displaced Persons voting, registration of voters and preparation of voter register. All experiences in those areas will be shared. ”

“In preparing for the parliamentary election, there is a need for the participation of people with disability.  I want to advise that we set up two technical teams from Nigeria and Chad.”

“We will want the Chadian team to come to Nigeria and understudy our election. On our part, we will be happy to send a team to Chad to see how we can collaborate. Be assured.  that if there is anything of value you think Nigeria can share with Chad in organising this election, consider us as friend and brother. We will support you in any way we can.”


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