The allure of Fams Embassy Suites, Badagry

Badagry to some people is a paragon of tourism  which hosts; the slave Port of Point of No Return,  the first one storey building, where the English Bible was translated to Yoruba by the late Bishop Ajayi Crowther, first primary school, first drinking water well, first place the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ was preached and also the relics of Slavery and Slave Trade is found wanting when it comes to having remarkable  hotels and lodges of world standards and intercontinental ethics.

To many, Badagry is just a home to history, slave relics and monuments of national value, not aware that within Badagry lies one of the most sophisticated hospitality havens called Fams Embassy Hotel.

embassy-suites2And one wonders why people think there are no good hotels Badagry, but this puzzle was solved by the explanation that, when you talk of Badagry, people always used the pre 2014 status to judge its development and atmosphere. A period when the road to Badagry was in bad shape, when one has to spend almost four hours getting to Badagry from Festac Town.

But it is gratifying that things have started changing for the better for the road to Badagry is motorable now, thanks to the efforts of Governor Akinwumi Ambode whose frequent visits to the town in preparation of its being christened Lagos Tourism Hub has rubbed off on the maintenance of the road and in strict observation of traffic rules which has helped to keep traffic flouters away from the ever busy junction of Agbara Estate.

So, they are  unaware that, it is not only the road to Badagry that has been rehabilitated  but that the city is a proud host to a classically  beautiful and well portioned world class hotel.

It is one hotel which you cannot miss while approaching Badagry from Lagos not just because of the colourful array of flags which belong to many countries, but the sheer architectural configuration   of the building which stands like a watchman or a conductor looking for passengers.

And exactly, the sheer architectural configuration of the hotel which singles it out as a unique entity characterising the quality and standard of facilities there in.

One thing which you cannot but notice is the warm reception accorded an entrant right from the gateman and the door man who bows in respect.

You are not mistaken because the front office of Fams Embassy Suites could only be compared to a royal waiting room fit for the Emperor, princes and princesses as it is decked with surplus luxury, splendour with the well trained first impression managers affectionately smiling attending with promptness laced with robust sense of responsibility.

As you are being checked in, the almighty PHCN struck! But before one could bat an eyelid, within 30 seconds the light was back. A feat traced to the automatic change over system fixed to the three 100kva generating sets planted for the hotel to combat the menace of erratic power supply.

As one steps into the reception, the Wifi indicator on the phone clicked informing one of the availability of a powerful and fast internet facilities though coded but free.

The 50 rooms of different categories are excellently apportioned with exquisite furniture, fixtures and fittings kingly beds with therapeutic foam, soft pillows, beddings and duvet which enhance sweet dreams while the bathrooms are equipped with items that  a lodger can check in without necessary toiletries, tooth brush, paste, slippers and room coat  as all  are   available in pairs in the bathroom ex gratia.

The restaurant and bar are big, fitted with comfortable seats with electronics  configured aptly to complement and aid full consummation of drinks, food and relaxation  in the most alluring ambience ever. The restaurant which is manned by two chefs with experience in intercontinental hotels serves local, continental, intercontinental and African cuisines bearing in mind that Badagry is a border town which plays hosts to international customers. The maximum order time for any menu is 30 minutes.

embassy-suites3Offering room for complete entertainment is the roof top Night Club with gadgets and disco / clubbing appurtenances. The night club which is padded is a hall fitted with gallery, games arena, disco platform and Disc Joker pavilion with lighting effect that gives the desired Eldoraldo awareness.

Conference organisers, event packaging outfits and seminar holders could not get a better place or venue of hosting than Fams Embassy Suites with its development supportive conference room on level 2 of the hotel. The conference room instructional facilities which are already mounted and ready for use.

The swimming pool arena is an Olympic affairs structured with a pool bar and mini restaurant. It is encircled from the hotel’s building with wide space for party and social event. Reinforcing this is the ultra equipped gym which is tucked on the 2nd floor of the hotel which offers the opportunity to trim down and in good shape.

Capping it all is the roof top open event centre which offers an aerial panoramic view of Badagry for users. It is a large area which is capable of accommodating over one thousand guests.

Everything about Fams Embassy Suites is not only classical, splendid and sophisticated, but also planted to offer guests the maximum comfort and satisfaction in accommodation, feeding, entertainment, relaxation and educational development.

According to Mr Fatai Sokunbi, Chief Executive Officer Fams Embassy Suites “We built this hotel first as our response to the push factor  of contributing to the development of Badagry and also of offering the best hospitality service ever you can get anywhere.

“Gauge our staff by their commitment and sense of purpose to duty, we engaged only 100 staff directly, take a look at our facilities, TVs, air-conditioning machines, furniture,  right from the tiles, marble, settees, chair, tooth brush and toiletries, the restaurant and taste the food noticing the time you order and time of delivery, our swimming pool including our laundry equipment will dazzle you, you will find out that these are top notch effects which are planted here to tell the world that you can get the global ranking hospitality service here in Badagry. And we shall be happy to serve the excellent service you deserve by patronising us. This is our covenant with buyers. We shall not disappoint you. Welcome to the world of Fams Embassy Suites our word where we redefined hospitality service. It is a deal.”