Would you allow your child join the military instead of going to university?

One’s chosen career is a big deal anywhere in the world. It places a construct as regards what can be achieved and what cannot be achieved. This is why parents are usually very keen on the career choices of their wards. A lot of parents usually foist careers upon their children while some others help them in picking a path.

With the way the Nigerian military is structured and the current war on terror that has been ongoing for a while, it is indeed no bed of roses. This week on WhatsApp conversation, we drop the poser: would you allow your child to join the military instead of going to college. Here are the responses we got:


Lanre Oseni


My child opting for the military instead of going to the university – My mind goes for the college as a civilian. However, time and life have changed and are still changing. If my child is highly committed to that field, he could become the “Chief of Army staff or Chief of Defence Staff.” Overtime, he could metamorphose into a civilian number one (a president or a prime minister). We have seen Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, President Muhamadu Buhari in Nigeria; former President Ronald Reagan, President Bush in the USA, among others, achieve that feat. I fully have no contrasting support for my child opting to go into the military instead of college.


Michael  Ace

Nigeria is not worth it. Why subject my children to fight a war the government themselves seem to be in support of? I would rather have my child go to college and make something of himself or herself.


Emmanuel Bamise

As much as I like the military, I will support my child that intends to get into the military. I will, however, ensure that his or her role doesn’t require being at the front line. Passion is essential though and I will do everything possible to protect my ward.


Umar Faruq

I have seen the way recruits can be treated in the military setting and I don’t like that. The only way my child can join the armed forces is to go through a normal learning situation, the Nigerian Defence Academy for example. Eventually, he or she will have to pass through the college system. Else, no military career.


Ayodele Nifemi

A part of me won’t want him or her to join considering the way military men are being handled in this country. I wouldn’t want a child of mine to go through that kind of harsh treatment. The only people enjoying the military are those with high ranks. The field officers are the ones suffering with little or no reward. Another part of me won’t want to kill his or her dreams either so I might just allow him or her after I might have explained critically to the child what’s in stock for him or her.


Adeniji Emmanuel

My child joining the military isn’t all that bad. It’s something to be proud of. Imagine the honours and ranks, while you just get to be the father of a great and respected veteran. Forget the facing death part, you don’t need to go to war before being at the risk of dying. Some parents don’t even have their children in the military, yet, they hear the sad news of the passing of their child. Also, if I prevent my child and every other person sees it right to do the same. So who’s going to protect me when the time for protection arises? At the same time, we need not forget or should I say put into consideration what military we are talking about. I can’t allow my child to join an army of spades and shovels with pitchforks where other countries control battalions of automatics and rifles. Who’s protecting who in that situation? So let me just say I’d be proud to see my child decide to join a great army.


Evang. AYORINDE Dayo Thomas

I am not going to feel good about it since it is a known fact that education is the best legacy. No matter the path you choose in life, the education acquired from the college is a vital tool which sharpens the child’s reasoning.

The military is a very noble profession but the noblest personnel in the military are the decision-makers, who are well educated and rise through the ranks to be the commanders on the field. Being a military man without education means he or she will be the Sergeant or corporal at the forefront of the battle with less protection. It is best to get the required technical, logical and psychological exposure that the college provides before choosing a noble profession of the military so that the child can rise through the rank to be their leader.


Taiwo Lekan Dele

As for me, I won’t allow him or her until after first degree. Moreso, I would like to know if it’s God’s will or self will; then I will guide him or her. If it’s God’s will, a first degree has to be the minimum academic qualification he must have acquired before I give my consent with first degree.


Next week on WhatsApp conversation, we will be exploring the question ‘Is it fine to discipline your child in public?’ Join the conversation, send a message to 08136601345.


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