Would a movie on your life sell?

The article below was written by me about nine years ago and the content are still as apt as ever. Enjoy.

I boarded an Amtrak train from Newark, New Jersey en route Baltimore, Maryland in the United States of America. Since I knew it would take me two hours and thirty three minutes to get to my destination, I settled in, surveyed my environment and prepared for the ride. I saw people with their laptops enmeshed in whatever they were doing (since the train was powered by electricity, it had electric points/sockets by every seat where you could plug in your electrical device, so, powering your laptop was not an issue). Some passengers were busy watching movies on their portable DVD players, while some busied themselves playing games. Others who had company were engaged in chit chat. Others just found solace in sleeping off or watching through the window the changing view as the train sped on.

I did not have my laptop with me, so, I had to think of how to wisely spend the travel time. Right in front of me, I saw a pocket with two complimentary magazines, so, I took one called Arrive. Arrive had great articles that took my time from stories on the latest technology to the mind-bugling mansions of the rich and powerful in New York, to the cozy travel destinations of choice around the world etc. Towards the end of the magazine, I came across a very familiar name – wow, it’s a story on Fela, our own Fela Kuti. I adjusted myself in my seat and read with rapt attention about my fellow kinsman. It was a review about the Broadway musical, Fela.

Much as I do not subscribe to many of Fela’s ideals, style and way of life, the review I read in the magazine provoked some questions which I want to pose to you too.

What will be written about you five years after you are dead and gone? Will your life and times be worth doing a movie on? Will your life and times ever be the basis of a bestselling book? Where will your influence reach during and after your lifetime? Will it be possible to read a story about you in a magazine on an airplane or train in a far away country? How significant is your life? How much influence does your life wield now and how much will it wield when you are dead and buried?

As we begin the final few weeks of the year, we need to pause and think about our lives. We must be careful that we are not living and coasting along without making any serious impact with our lives. We must not fall into the common error of having motion but no movement. We need to analyse what we are busy with to ensure we are not like the man in the rocking chair,  a lot of motion but he is at the same spot.

We need to look at the many months gone by this year and see if we have spent our lives wisely and profitably in the execution of our dreams and visions.