Woman causes flight delay after insisting on immediate divorce from husband

Plane passengers in Russia had a fellow traveller to blame for a seven-hour delay, after she decided she didn’t want to fly and demanded an immediate divorce from her husband.

Reports from mirror.co.uk said the unnamed woman in her 40s boarded the aircraft with several hundred passengers flying from Moscow to Vladivostok, Russia.

Shortly after, she apparently told cabin crew that she needed to get off the plane to change her relationship status.

The Rossiya Airline flight was almost ready for take off when the incident took place on Monday.

According to witnesses, the woman was heard saying: “I am not in the mood to fly now.”

She then went on to demand that flight attendants let her off the plane.

In accordance with safety regulations, more than 500 other passengers were also forced to disembark the aircraft.

It is not clear whether the woman’s husband was also on the plane at the time she made her decision.

A video, uploaded to Instagram by Elena Ashtein, showed angry passengers walking down the steps of the plane and back towards the airport.

A caption alongside the clip read: “One girl decided not to fly to the coastal town. Moreover, she changed her mind at the time of takeoff.

“[For] more than an hour [they] tried to persuade her to stay.”

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