Without faith, Christians will come short of grace — Akinlolu Raphael

A faith preacher, Reverend Akinlolu Raphael, has said that without faith, Christians cannot maximise the grace of God upon their lives.

He said this while ministering at the grand finale of the Charis Day celebration at Charis Family International Church, Cultural Centre road, Mokola, Ibadan.

The four-day programme is with the theme: “Recipients of Great Grace.”

Preaching on the topic “Living by Faith,” with Scriptural reading from Romans 5:1-2, the cleric admonished Christians to come to a determination that “the only choice I have is the work of faith,” saying “it is faith that brings grace reality.”

He said Christianity is a work, just as living is also a work, and there are two choices to the pattern of work, which is either by sight of faith.

“You only work by sight or by faith, and without a determination to make your life a work of faith, you will always come short of it,” Rev Raphael said.

Stressing further, he said without faith, one stands to come short of grace, but to avoid this, there must be a standing and walking in God-given grace as Christians.

He revealed that the end of grace is glory and charged that recipients of great grace must labour in faith, as grace is a spiritual provision, warning that whatever one achieves outside of grace can tumble in a moment.

He thereby admonished Christians who are still short of expectation but keeping hope alive to have faith in God, saying “you are not a bin of shame.”

Rather, Rev Raphael said according to Psalm 84:11 that “the Lord will give you grace and glory,” as He (God) said “no good thing will He withhold from you.”

To manifest the glory, he made reference to Exodus 33:18-19, saying, “You must have a standing in faith.”

By understanding the grace factor, Rev Raphael said Christians will understand who they are, as grace he said is the nature of God.

Enlightening the congregation on why “faith activates grace,” quoting from Romans 4:4, he said “Grace is what God has given to you without human contribution.”

He said why it looks to some as if God is not at work concerning their cases is because “people can’t wait to work in faith.”

The cleric counseled that “grace does not disgrace or disappoint and won’t leave anyone stranded.

He also warned that Christians should not be manipulated, rather they should work their faith, adding that for those working on building their faith, it is not every information that is good for consumption, as some could create unnecessary fears and set back.

“Grace has come to make you, don’t unmake yourself, don’t be too fixated on physical things,” Rev Raphael said.

To increase their faith he charged Christians to buy more books and listen to more gospel messages.

With series of biblical examples he gave on walking in faith, he submitted that “living by faith is the key to walking in grace.”


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