Why women hate to discuss their sexual problems ―Elohor Ovite

 A leading sex therapist, Elohor Ovite, has said many women battle sexual-related problems but are not proud to share with anyone because they are shy and would rather keep such problem to themselves even at the detriment of their homes.

With many marriages failing due to lack of sexual satisfaction and other problems arising from sexual matters, Ovite said while some women don’t speak out due to shyness, others keep it to themselves because of pride.

According to her, “Sex is important in a relationship and marriage, but most people (women) especially would act as if they are not interested in having that conversation.”

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Speaking with Tribune Online in an interview on Wednesday, Ovite, who is the founder of E and E Skincare observed that many marriages keep failing because spouses don’t speak to each other about their sexual inadequacies because they are shy, adding that “many of them shy away from the conversation. Men also do not help matters in telling the women they have problems. This is because they either do not want to kill their ego, or make them feel bad.”

Speaking further, she said: “In matters of sex, everyone wants to have the mindset that they are giving their partner the best, but when you tell someone they aren’t, it becomes a problem. From my experience, most women suffer low libido or sex drive. Other sexual problems in women range from vaginal weakness, looseness, vaginal infections, and vaginal dryness.”

She opened up on why she decided to go into the aphrodisiac business, a business, seemingly abhorrent to most women. But for the sex expert, who uses Kayanmata herb to solve many sexual problems in women, she has no regrets.

According to her, Kayanmata are natural products which could be in the form of fruits, herbs or even seeds that help in resolving sexual issues, creating intimacy and love between women and men.

“With Kayanmata, we have products that help in different ways, such as vaginal tightener, which helps to tighten loose vagina caused by something else, say childbirth or natural causes. Most women have issues in their marriages and relationships that could be easily sorted out by this product but they don’t know. These products are purely herbal, no side effects at all. In fact, seeing them alone you know these are all natural products from herbs. But most women still shy away from their problems,” she said.



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