Why we won’t respond to Blackface’s allegations —2face’s mgt

There may not be any end to the current face-off between 2face Idibia and his former music partner, Blackface as the former’s management, Now Muzik, headed by Efe Omorogbe, has dissociated itself from Blackface’s allegations.

Blackface had accused 2face of stealing his intellectual property and threatened to drag him to court should he failed to acknowledge his impact in some of the songs released without his consent.

There had been accusations from the public over 2face’s silence on the development, which has fuelled the public outburst to a disturbing dimension.

According to a statement released by 2face’s management and signed by one Adejimi Oni, it stated that 2face and Omorogbe refused to create time to engage in unproductive media banter with Blackface every time he wants to release new material.

Recall that days back, Blackface released a single, where he threw shades at 2face but the latter said that he would not engage his former music partner in any media war until the matter was resolved in court.

The statement read in part: “Both 2Baba and Omorogbe have stated publicly that Blackface’s claims of song theft and media/live performance blacklisting are unfounded and malicious.

Blackface has been advised to seek legal redress if he believes his claims are true and if not, cease and desist from making unsubstantiated defamatory public statements about both 2Baba and Omorogbe.”

It stated further that Blackface’s refusal to file a suit or discontinue the alleged defamation forced their lawyers to institute a defamation suit against him at the Lagos State High Court. According to them, Blackface’s lawyers have entered a defence and the case is currently on-going.

“2Baba and Omorogbe are confident that the court will handle the matter. They will not fuel a media trial by commenting on a case that is already before a competent court of law,” it added.

When R contacted 2face’s management on Friday for further clarification, it said that the position advanced in a press statement issued on February 3, 2016 remained the same and no further response was deemed necessary.

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