Why upcoming singers need mentoring from older generations ― BMR music boss, Ndubisi George

A Nigerian record label owner and music entrepreneur, Ndubisi George, popularly known as Blow Money, has said that for the upcoming singers to fully harness their talents to be a boost to the national economy, the older generation of artistes should mentor the younger ones starting up in the industry.

Blow Money said this will also create hope for the delinquent but talented youths on the streets through which they too can become gainful to themselves and the country at large, even at this period there is the rising unemployment rate in the country.

“The post-COVID-19 era in Nigeria will be a defining one for many businesses in the country, hence, the reason our creative youths have to be properly managed, so they won’t become a security risk and thereby becoming a burden on the nation.”

George, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blow Money Records (BMR), said there are many talents in the music industry which are not well harnessed and are only left alone to gamble over opportunities that come their way.

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This, the Blow Money record label owner said, is not the best way to nurture talents and grow in the industry, rather, he said with proper mentoring by the older generation of singers, the younger ones won’t begin with mistakes veterans in the industry had made.

“I’ve also passed through different stages of starting a business amid stiff competitions, so I know what it takes to be left alone to develop on your own. You are faced with many teething challenges, most of which are hinged on inadequate finances and equipment for productions.

“However, if there is an immediate support from those who have grown from grass to grace in the business, in form of mentoring which would lead to pointing a starter to the right direction to go at the start, mistakes can easily be done away with for proper growth to occur,” George said.

He also charged the government and other approving authorities in the industry to invest into the music business and open up opportunities for practitioners too to invest in their initiatives, so, both the government and active players in the industry can make profits in what they do.

“Musicians, their producers and record label owners who are those who project both the image and creativity of the artistes are intellectual workers whose works must be well protected against the activities of pirates, and this is another area where government support is needed.

“There is need for security of our works, so, we won’t keep working, while it is the pirates that reap the fruits of our labour. Let the government look into this piracy business and fish out those behind it.

“It is by so doing that even the government can get more of the needed financial returns from practitioners if they make enough money, the revenue government make in form of tax will be increased, and thereby boost the nation economy,” George said.

He informed that he was prepared to play his own part in helping the upcoming artistes to develop, likewise working with the established ones too to ensure that every resource in them is well harnessed.

“I believe the music industry is one of the sectors that will rescue the nation from the COVID-19 challenge which has affected the personal economy of many people and the economy even many nations across the globe are already battered by the coronavirus pandemic, the reason we need harness the immediate resources at our disposal for growth,” the Blow Money record label owner said.


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