Why petroleum tankers are not yet under Eto — TTP

The Trucks Transit Park (TTP), the firm handling the seaport electronic call-up system on behalf of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), has revealed that extortion is a major factor why petroleum tankers are not yet on the Eto system.

Speaking with the Nigerian Tribune on the sideline of its one year anniversary, Managing Director of the TTP, Mr Jama Onwubuariri, explained that discussions are currently ongoing with the Lagos State Government and the various tanker drivers associations to bring them onboard the e-call-up system.

According to the TTP MD, “Currently, we are discussing with the Lagos State Government for tanker drivers to come on the e-call-up system.

“However, one of the challenges that we have heard the tanker drivers and their unions say as an excuse for not joining Eto is due to extortion. The tanker drivers are saying they do not want to be extorted.


“They said that their business is highly regulated and that they cannot sell petrol above the approved rate. That if they have to pay for the e-call-up system and still get extorted, that it will affect their cost of doing business.

“So, the tanker drivers want assurances from the government that they will be protected from security officials and touts who stop truckers on the road and collect all sorts of payments.

“Apart from our discussion with the Lagos State Government, we are also discussing with NUPENG and PENGASSAN members on the benefits of being on a regulated e-call-up system. The benefits are two-fold; it gives them assurance of what time it will take to move products from point A to point B.

“Secondly, it will give the other truckers who have so far complied not to use them as an excuse for non-compliance.”

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