Why Nigerians must go out and vote in 2023

2023 is around the corner and Nigerians must unite to vote for the president who will turn our depression and pain to serenity because we need peace of mind.

The general elections come once every four years in Nigeria and in the coming election,  Nigerians must not stay indoor to either watch film or sleep at their various homes on the day of general elections when they should be voting, we must instead come out in large numbers to vote for the president who will turn our situation around for good.

Also, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should be told to put its house in order.

Things must be done right thisntime around because we have no other country except Nigeria.Nigerians are yearning for change and the said change can become a reality if we unite to vote for the best president among presidential candidates.

This is another opportunity to elect a new president who will govern us for another four years.Things will conveniently move forward for all Nigerians If we vote for the right candidate in the forthcoming general elections. If you have not collected your permanent voters card, It is high time you went to the INEC to get your voter’s card.

Voters card are the weapons which the poor Nigerians can use to fight poverty, unemployment, insecurity, hunger, depression and pain. The mindset of poor Nigerians who are fond of collecting money from the politicians before voting for them should be changed at this moment. Nigerians should stop collecting money from the politicians before voting for them.

We should all turn out en mass to use our votes to shock our politicians by voting for the right candidate. Nigeria politicians should expect shocking votes from Nigerians in 2023.

Jimoh Mumin Esq




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