Why my sound is called ‘Classic Afropop’ ― Demii

Nigerian-American performing artiste, singer and song writer, Demii Thomas better known as Demii is one artiste whose music has both club and dance influences with a very melodic and sometimes rapid-fire rap delivery.

Her artistic work has given her a unique sound that cuts across different genres. She is known for her flawless and pristine lyrics, decency in style and attractive energy. Demii is taking on the music industry with one goal – to be the queen of Classic Afro infused rhythm as she drops her latest single ‘DYD’ meaning ‘Dey your Dey’.

Recounting her sojourn into her music and how far she has come, Demii said: “My love for music started at a very tender age, I would always have this sensational feeling run through my chest whenever I heard a good song. I started singing and song writing properly at age 10 when I joined the church choir. Where I am today musically is years of love and focus to the music, continuously singing at any given time and place and songwriting to every beat I hear.

“Growing up, I listened to every kind of music. I don’t have to be influenced to start a career in music, infact I was discouraged a lot everyday by people or situations that should have made me given up but I didn’t. It’s a natural love from within and no one can take that from me. every artistes is unique in their own way and works. when i spot out that uniqueness, i study it and embrace it and redefine it in my own way,” she added.

Describing her style as true music, the entertainer said, “My music and sound is mature, appealing and very melodious. I use the term ‘Classic Afro-pop/beat’ for my sound in the sense that, while I maintain the contemporary Afrobeat you will always find classic elements such as infused RnB, Jazz, Soul, Reggae and Pop in most of my songs.

On the acceptance of her music by the audience, the American based artiste with an international appeal said: “My audience and fans love me from what I have been told is mainly for my stage presence. I am very gifted in the art of captivating your attention and keeping your eyes glued to me while on stage, its an aura that is God given and that complements with my lovely vocals while I sing as well. When it comes to music and performing, I am a perfectionist I don’t leave room for mistakes or I wish, I put in my 100 every time.”

Commenting on the kind of emotion her musical expression evokes, the singer said: “I am a big lover of Nigeria, Africa and by extension the whole of humanity. I am a romantic and a humanist in that regard and believe in the perfect potential of good in people. Hopefully, my work, whether in music, film, politics or otherwise contributes to this expression of goodwill.”

On the challenges faced by music artists in the industry today, she said, “I can only speak for myself and that is coming from me as an Independent artiste. The race in the Industry is hard and expensive. Having the right team that want to support the dream could also be very challenging, people are hungry and not honest and that can slur one hard work,” she said.


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President Muhammadu Buhari Friday at State House Abuja urged the MTN Group to make the available top-of-the-range service to its Nigerian subscribers…  Why my sound is called ‘Classic Afropop’  Why my sound is called ‘Classic Afropop’  Why my sound is called ‘Classic Afropop’  Why my sound is called ‘Classic Afropop’.

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