Why Lagos is flooded: Atlantic Ocean full, can’t take water from lagoon, govt alerts residents

The Lagos State government has alerted residents on the cause of rise in water level resulting in flooding in the densely populated state.

The Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Tunji Bello, stating this in a release on Friday, said, the rise in sea water level as a result of the inability of the lagoon to discharge water into the ocean is causing back flow into the drainage channels.

But Bello said the officials of the state are working on different measures to remove the constriction and blockades that would allow easy passage for the resultant flooding.

According to him, the state government is also in talks with the officials of the Ogun Osun River Basin Authority which is releasing water to do so gradually.

He explained that the rise in sea level has contributed to current flooding in many parts of Ikoyi, V.I, Dolphin and Oworoshoki because the lagoon can not discharge and is causing back flow into drainage outlets.

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He said the officials of the Drainage Department had expected it to go down by evening but from the look of things now may last throughout the weekend.

Similarly, the Commissioner said the Ogun-Oshun River Basin Authority can no longer hold the Oyan Dam hence, has been releasing its water causing rise in Ogun River and this has affected low line areas like Isheri North and Magodo and up to Owode Onirin.

Bello said until the ocean level goes down, the lagoon cannot discharge water into the ocean and causing back flow into all the drainage outlets in the state.

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