Why is Bitcoin poker so popular today?

Bitcoin poker popularity nowadays 

Over the years Bitcoin poker became super-popular among gamblers who are familiar with online casinos. Bitcoin gambling has plenty of undeniable advantages compared to other payment methods. Transactions with Bitcoin are much faster, they are very safe as well as secured, and usually, there are no casino fees for gamblers.

Bitcoin poker is played the same way as traditional online poker. Basic poker rules are easy to understand. Explaining poker in general, let’s talk about its most popular variation called Texas hold’em. This type of game is easy and fast to play. More than half of beginners start their way in the poker industry from Texas hold’em.

The rules of this poker variation are simple. At the beginning of Texas hold’em a player gets two cards from a dealer. They are lying face down and called the ‘hole cards’. Then several betting rounds proceed, and five more cards are dealt on a table face up. These will be ‘community cards”, which any player can use in any combination. A five-card combination of cards is called the “poker hand”.

How to play Bitcoin poker

If you want to play poker with Bitcoin there are some initial steps to follow. First, you need to purchase cryptocurrency and create a Bitcoin wallet. Many trustworthy wallets are creating via online resources, such as Exodus (good for beginners), Mycelium (perfect for mobile phone), ledger Nano X (one of the best hardware wallets), Trezor Model T (one of the best universal wallets), Electrum (great, but not for the beginners). Electrum: Best Hot Wallet for Advanced Users.

Pay attention, credit card, and special websites are not the only ways to purchase bitcoin. You can get free BTT while shopping online, or taking surveys, or start mining cryptocurrency by yourself.

Once you have a BTC wallet with some Bitcoin in it your following step will be choosing a reliable online casino, registering an account, and choosing the Bitcoin poker variation you find most attractive.

A great way to try online poker with no risk is to start with demo-version first. All reliable online casino websites have this option. Once you get familiar with the game, you can start betting Bitcoins and play.

Bitcoin gambling benefits

There are plenty of reasons why Bitcoin poker and crypto gambling itself is becoming more and more popular. Instead of credit cards with their variety of limitations for online casino operations, cryptocurrency has a decentralized financial control system. This makes Bitcoin very suitable for use in gambling. Also, there are such advantages of bitcoin using in gambling as:

  1. No third party involved in the payment process. Players admire this most appreciated benefit of Bitcoin poker because it makes transactions easier to proceed.
  2. Safe transactions thanks to blockchain technology.
  3. Secured payments with minimal personal data required.
  4. Very fast transactions provide depositing/withdrawal in minutes.


Poker game variations

To date, this easy and catchy game has numerous variations, but the most popular of them are such poker types:

  • Texas Hold’em

A player receives two down cards at hand (“hole cards”). Then betting starts. Three board cards are turned one by one. Then another round of betting starts. Then two board cards are turned at once. After each of these cards, a round of betting begins. All the board cars belong to the table community. So the player can use any combination of five cards from among hole cards and board cards. He can use the board cards only to form a combination.

  • Omaha Hi/Hi-Lo

This variation grows from Texas hold’em poker. A player receives from a dealer four cards in hand. Two of these cards he can use in a combination with three “community cards”. There is a possibility to win before the game ends in case all the players except one fold their cards.

  • Five-card draw/stud

This early variation of poker popped-up during the American Civil War. In the beginning, a player gets two cards. One card is face down another one is face-up, then a betting round starts (it is called “street”). After that, the player gets another card face up. The game goes on until the player has four cards face up and one card face down. Then the final bets provide. In the end, the fifth card is shown to define a winner.

Useful online poker tips

Some people might think online poker is simply a game of luck where you cannot develop a strategy. But this is absolutely not true. Great poker players’ winnings are the results of a combination of fortune and hard gaming skills.

  • Keep records of your games

This essential rule will boost your poker skills. Analyzing your winnings and especially your losses after the game will help you to realize your mistakes and avoid them in the future.

  • Don’t Play Too Many Tables

This rule is not related to players who play poker in land-based casinos but can be critical to online poker gamers. There is an attractive hypothetical possibility of multi-winnings when playing multiple tables. However, unfortunately, the truth is it is extremely hard to keep in mind so many combinations.

  • Study playing poker

Explore different poker resources, read books, watch tournaments, investigate its history. Dig as deep as possible. Become a poker geek.

  • Fold fiercely in case you have doubts

A professional poker player has many skills and one of them is an ability to lay a good hand down in case he is calculating these cards are beaten.

  • Play only in the right mood

You can perform successfully when you feel good and the opposite mood can bring you losses. Do not start playing if you feel sad or frustrated.

Wrap Up

Bitcoin poker has many variations and plenty of casinos offer gamblers this type of game. Choosing a reliable gambling platform and being aware of your bets will make your first steps in online poker successful.



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