Why I went into beauty business – Daramola Oluwatobi

As skincare business continues to boom in Nigeria in the last few years, one of the best hands in the business,  Daramola Oluwatobi has given reasons for her decision to be a skincare expert.

Daramola who has been into the beauty business since 2014 said she has grown to become a force to reckon with in the industry.

Daramola started out as a makeup artist, bringing to life her passion of making people confident in their body.

“I started my business because I love to look good and enhance my facial features. I was so good at it, many people would see my face and ask who did my makeup and I would answer that I did and they would be so wowed, ask for my number and call me to do theirs while I get paid. I was getting referral back to back and I started training too. As times went on, I went on to learn more beauty skill and included them in my business.

From a mere makeup artist Daramola blossomed into a full-fledged skincare specialist and ultimately an advanced body sculptor that attends to intimate needs of women.

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“The argument on whether cosmetic enhance true beauty or not wont be ending anytime soon (Laughs). Beauty comes from within and radiate to the world but when cosmetic is added to this natural beauty, it is properly enhanced by improving your look, physical and facial features making you look more presentable and feel on top of the world,” she argued.

Daramola Oluwatobi, owner of Thowbie Makeovers, has continued to make waves with her renowned body sculpting techniques. Her state-of-the-art outlet has become the most sought-after location for body sculpting, brows, non-surgical body enhancement, and much more.

“Body sculpting business is gradually growing in Nigeria, not everyone is aware that they can have their dream body without going under the knife so we make sure we keep telling people and convincing them about our non-surgical body enhancement therapy,” she said.

Daramola has also undergone several professional trainings to up her game and this has entrenched her as arguably, the number one in Nigeria,

“To stay updated in the field, I went for training in the UK on body sculpting that has to do with fat reduction in the belly, the back, and the thighs. I also so butt enhancement, that is, non-surgical increase in your butt and also breast size,” Daramola explained.

“I have also travelled to Dubai to further my training. So, all of these trainings have really enhanced my skills and helped my business to grow,” she added.

She is a great inspiration to other body sculpting specialists and upcoming entrepreneurs

Daramola Oluwatobi attended Ola Olu Primary School in Shomolu, Lagos and Surulere Girls Secondary School.

Apart from having her Bachelor’s degree from Olabisi Onabanjo, she did a couple of professional courses in music, computer science and others. She also did professional courses in beauty aesthetics and sculpting. She’s a Christian and single.


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