Why I starred Kosoko, Afolabi in music video –Ajibade Olajoku

Popular singer, entertainer and entrepreneur, Ajibade Olajoku, has revealed the reason behind the appearances of veteran actor JideKosoko, actress,Kemi Afolabi and a host of other movie acts in the much-anticipated video to his single, ‘Ekaite’.

When it comes to music videos in the Nigerian entertainment industry, there have been critics who have been vocal about the lack of storyline and delivery in visuals that accompany songs. This apparent lapse has been the motivation for Jibade to be intentional about his music videos.

The singer who is rated by music fans to be one of the most followed music stars on the continent made a return to the mainstream music industry with ‘Forget about love’, a single which made several music charts in the country and beyond.

In an interview with R, the singer revealed that the enlisting of Jide Kosoko and Kemi Afolabi is to pass across meaningful message and give interesting storyline to his music.

“Evergreen songs and visuals are fast becoming a thing of the past as many music being produced nowadays are rather short-lived.

“I have made it my mission to restore long-lasting values and essence to the music we produce in Nigeria and the videos we shoot to illustrate them. This is why we decided to feature seasoned actors like Jide Kosoko and Kemi Afolabi to help deliver the message of the song.”

The singer who grew up in the United States of America before relocating to his country of origin, Nigeria, also disclosed his plans to continually add value to the ever growing music industry with his unique style.




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