Why I don’t release albums regularly —Sexy Steel

Abbey Abuede, known as Sexy Steel, is a musician, actor and stylist. He speaks with SEYI SOKOYA on the challenges of
working on many fronts as well as his plans for the year.

You do music and other things. How has it been for you? 

To be honest, it hasn’t been easy but all these things I do were things I did while growing up. Music, fashion, acting, barbing are skills that I have had since I was young and I have managed to retain them till now. I studied Fine Arts in school so I apply the artistic creativity in everything I do. Combining a lot of things is relatively not too stressful because they are things that I enjoy doing. To the glory of God, I have also helped many with my trades. It pays to be diversified, to have many fronts working for you. It is an edge.


It’s been a while since you released any song. Is it that you decided to go lowkey in the industry?

They say anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. Last year, I dropped a couple of singles. This year, I’m going to drop a single that I’m currently working on. Good music takes time and that is what I do. My kind of music is evergreen, so it takes time. With the kind of music in vogue these days, you really need to sit down, go back to your table and make sure you move with the trend. I decided not to just release any kind of music that will not go far.


With the trend we have in the industry now, we have meaningless songs, is that what you also want to do?

That doesn’t mean I would do the same. There is always a reason for doing a particular song. The fact that the kind of music being released these days is making waves doesn’t mean that I should do the same. Even if I want to, it shouldn’t have to be like the kind of lyrics they use. However, the beats and the vibes they give are what actually captivate people and not the lyrics. I won’t bow to the pressure of producing those kind of lyrics. Good content is what I do and that is what I will continue to give out.


You lost your temper recently on social media. What actually happened?

It all started with a post on social media that an artiste put up saying, “where is Mr Spellz today?” It spurred me to seek the artiste and make suits for him. However, with my good gesture that many appreciated, I was accused by the artiste (name withheld) that I was clout-chasing. I was annoyed as I found the comment offensive and disrespectful. Even though there are those who see Spellz as retarded and some as low-life, I saw something different. I saw greatness in him coupled with the fact that he had a lot of fans. That, in a way, makes him a celebrity, whether a majority of people admit it or not. I saw him as someone who should be celebrated. He shouldn’t look unkept and he should be taken out of the street. So, I invited him to Lagos and I did a makeover. I took him to my salon, gave him a good haircut, made him some nice suits from my clothing line and he was everywhere. The news went viral and people started saying good things. My point was that don’t criticize people that are trying to lift others up when you would not do anything. After asking that where Mr Spellz is, where do you expect him to be? The guy had been doing the little he could do. He may not be famous like Davido as he is not a musician but he is doing his best in his own way. So, when I took Spellz off the street, clothed him and made him look good, to have someone accuse me in such manner was disrespectful. I just had to respond.


Have you settled it?

Yes. That’s the reason I had to address the issue because people started tagging me, saying “have you seen what this person posted about you?” We were still together a night before he put up the post on social media.


Can you tell us what your plan for this year is?

I’m planning a lot this year, with God on my side. I want to explore more. People know me for the things I do. I am working on some songs that I know will be great. I also have a couple of movie projects that will shake the movie industry when they are released. I’m also planning to open another clothing line on the island. A lot is in the pipeline which means that I am not going to be sleeping in 2020 because I have a lot to achieve.


People always expect famous acts to get involved or be dragged into scandals. Have you ever been in one?

I don’t think I have had scandals except when people misinterpret what they see or what I say. If I ever had any scandal, it was based on assumption. I try as much as possible to be scandal-free. It is not that I am perfect, but I constantly work towards being blameless.

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