Why I am into skincare business —Okpala, CEO Flawless Finish Skincare

Adebisi Okpala, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Flawless Finish Skincare, a graduate of the Lagos State University has a B.Sc in History and International Relations. In this interview with WWW, she speaks about her life as an entrepreneur.

What do you do?

We make skin care products. Our skin care line caters for every skin tone and shade. We formulate for the melanin goddess, caramel beauty and the half caste skin.


Is that  the secret of your glowing skin?

The secret of my glowing skin is the ability to formulate skin care products with selected organic skin care materials and essential oils. I handpick them and also test their compatibility with the African skin. Our products restore self confidence and we don’t damage our clients’ skin because we use strictly organic materials


What informed your decision to go into this business?

While growing up I had a lot of skin issues ranging from acne, uneven skin tone, so I decided to learn how to combat all these various issues seeing how unsecured ladies can get when faced with these issues.


How did you acquire this knowledge?

I acquired knowledge by attending a beauty school, where we I was taught the effectiveness of every leave, herbs and oils to achieve a very flawless skin and treat blemishes.


There is this belief that most of these skin cares bleach the skin

Organics don’t bleach, we only use the power of nature to gently exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead skin and reveal a clearer and brighter skin tone. We also use Organics to treat the damage done by chemicals. You don’t need to bleach to look beautiful.


Why do most women in Nigeria feel that if you do not bleach or fair in complexion, you are not pretty?

It’s true a lot of women are of the opinion that a fair skin is a beautiful skin. That’s not true as beautiful skin comes in different skin shades. A beautiful skin is the one without blemishes (acne, tags, green veins, hyper-pigmentation, white patches) you could be black and beautiful, you could be caramel or fair too.


What are the challenges of this business?

One of the challenges is that a lot of people are into this business and not all of them are truthful about the kind of materials they use. When you use pure Organics your products are pricey, and some people who claims that they use organic skincare products use steroids so their own products are cheaper and they get more patronage.

Do you feel this field is strong enough to reduce considerable numbers of unemployed youths?

It can actually get youths employed because a lot of youths actually sell the materials being used. Some are also involved in retailing the products. The need to deliver the products to clients by using dispatch riders and messengers too all boils down to creating employment.


What makes your product better than that of your competitors?

My products are produced with pure organic skin care materials, we don’t use steroids or bleaching agents. Take for instance our face soap that cures acne, pores, dark spots, one of the main ingredients is bitter leaf. We also use essential oils in concentration that leave your skin looking fresh.


Is your product better than the imported ones?

Yes because we don’t use hydroquinone, we use purely organic. Most of these creams and lotions being imported contain harmful ingredients like hydroquinone, mequinol, steroids known to harm the skin by causing cancer on the long run.


Where do you see your organisation in the nearest future?

We intend to be a leader in the skincare market, we will be a household name when it comes to skincare and we will do more research and learn more on skincare treatments and products.