Who owns my pregnancy?

My last period was on December 15, 2017. I had a disagreement with my real boyfriend and met another boy in the first week of January just to get my boyfriend off my mind.  However, my real boyfriend came back and we met on January 15 2018. Now my pregnancy is five months and my real boyfriend who I love deeply says he is not the owner of the pregnancy. Kindly help me.

Eunice (by SMS)

Assuming that your period is regular and lasted for five days, you were in your safe period till around December 20/21, 2017 while your unsafe period could extend till the first week of January when you met the second boy. From this, it is not likely that your real boyfriend  whom you met on January 15 is the father of your unborn baby. You may however need to confirm the real father through a DNA test after the child’s delivery.